We want you to be safe and competent in your new hobby/sport. To achieve this the club offers new members a free flight instruction program. Instruction takes place on Wednesday evenings starting at approximately 6:00 PM. Space in this program is limited by the number of volunteer instructors available.
First we make sure you have a current Model Aircraft Association of Canada, MAAC , membership so that you have the insurance required to protect both yourself and the club in case of an accident. Then we will check your aircraft for safe construction and installation of the engine and radio equipment. Then we show you how to safely start and adjust the IC engine or the electric motor in your model aircraft. We then give you ground school and flight instruction and work with you until you are competent with your aircraft. This ensures that are able to take off, do controlled circuits and land your aircraft without the aid of an instructor.
When you can fly your aircraft competently you will take a Wings Test that includes a test flight and a short verbal "quiz" to ensure you are familiar with the basic concepts and club rules for safe operation of your model. After passing your Wings Test you will receive your model aircraft Wings and will be given full use of the field and be allowed to fly on your own. The Wings are provided to the club by way of our insurance provider, MAAC. Having your Wings allows you to fly on your own with confidence at either our club and, with permission, at any other MAAC registered club.
You are welcome to drop by on Wednesday evenings ... approx 6pm ... from May to September and see what the club has to offer a new pilot. Limited instruction with small electric planes is available indoors on Sunday evenings.  See our winter indoor schedule under the Indoor tab. Introduce yourself and ask lots of questions! We are accepting new students!
It may be possible to make arrangements with some instructors for training at other times. For more information and to find out if we are currently accepting new students please contact:

Walter Gebhart, Instruction Coordinator
(705) 872-1127

Learning To Fly

Peterborough Radio Control Model Flying Club